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Save petrol, reduce pollution, increase fuel economy, save money
Gas Mileage Enhancement System

What is the Hydrogen-Boost System?

             The Hydrogen-Boost System is a gas mileage enhancement system based on the main component, an on-board hydrogen gas generator.  We build the most efficient and maintenance free, affordable, compact hydrogen gas generators in the world. Tests have shown over 95% efficiency on some of our prototypes.  Our typical hydrogen generator will produce 1.5 to 2 liters of alternative fuel gas (hydrogen and oxygen mixed) per minute using twelve volts and 20-30 amperes.

4.5" Diameter Hydrogen Gas Generator, Compact and Subcompact Hydrogen Gas Generators

three sizes of hydrogen gas generators How Does Hydrogen Boost Work?

       Hydrogen, in combinations with other electrolyzed gases (actually Brown’s gas), introduced into the intake manifold of your engine, will accelerate the flame spread during combustion, thereby getting more of the vaporized fuel to combust during the initial part of the power stroke.  The benefits of the addition of Hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, including a diesel engine have been well researched and documented.  Click here to review documentation.  Our fuel heating system brings the fuel to a temperature that allows more of the injected fuel to vaporize, preparing it for combustion. This increases engine power (Power Test) and reduces your engine's need for total fuel, and also reduces hydrocarbon emissions.  Recent Emissions Tests in Switzerland showed a 50% reduction in hydrocarbons and 90% reduction in carbon monoxide.  Dynamometer Tests have shown 18-31% mileage increases with equipment alone.  Road Tests have shown 50-100% increases in mileage with the additional implementation of driving tips in the operator’s manual.  Most engines equipped with electronic fuel injection and on-board computers adjust automatically, by cutting back on the amount of fuel injected.  For optimum mileage gain with an extra-lean fuel ratio we recommend our electronic control circuit that helps the computer make the optimum adjustments.  Carburetor equipped engines are enhanced by adjusting the carburetor to compensate for the hydrogen and heated fuel.       

The system also includes an operator's manual with maintenance and driving tips to increase the gas mileage of any vehicle, an installation manual including the plans and installation instructions for a fuel vaporization system, and a Salesman Authorization Certificate that authorizes the owner to receive a 20% commission or referral fee for the first Hydrogen-Boost System he sells.  Sales commissions increase for each subsequent sale.  No stock required, no costs, no hassle involved.

Costs and Accessories

Click here for information on IRS clean fuel tax deductions.

Basis Hydrogen-Boost System                               $500

Including Hydrogen Gas Generator with mounting kit, operator's manual, installation instructions, plans and installation instructions for the fuel heating and vaporization systems, and Salesman Authorization Certificate allowing owner to receive at least 20% commission or referral fee for selling Hydrogen-Boost Systems. Measures 41/2" diameter and 12" tall.

Compact Hydrogen-Boost System                         $500

Same as above except smaller Hydrogen Gas Generator designed for  vehicles with limited space for installation. This unit is essentially the same as full sized unit.   Measures 4 1/2" diameter by 10" tall.  Includes same hardware, manuals, and certificates as full sized unit.

Subcompact Hydrogen-Boost System                    $500

Same as above except much smaller Hydrogen Gas Generator designed for vehicles with extremely limited space for installation.  Gas production is slightly less than the compact unit.  Measures 3 1/2 " diameter by 9" tall.  Includes the same hardware, manuals, and certificates as the other units.  This unit has limited reservoir for electrolyte and must be filled more often, usually after each tank full of gasoline.

Plans and Manuals Only                                        $100

Including construction plans for the Hydrogen Generator, operator's manual, installation manual, and construction plans and installation instructions for the fuel heating and vaporization systems.

Optional Accessories

Wiring Kit                                                             $50

Includes everything to install the custom Hydrogen-Boost system, including ammeter, shut off switch, relay, wires, and wire connections.

Fuel Heater                                                          $50

Install an optimum temperature fuel heating system, including instructions.

Climate Control Circuit Assembly                $100

          The climate control circuit assemly controls your air conditioner in an efficient manner, turning on and off your air conditioner compressor as you need cool air.  See our newsletter article at www.hydrogen-boost.com/july 2005.html about air conditioning for better mileage.  Normal climate control on all but luxury vehicles is engineered for your air conditioner compressor to run continuously while using heat from your cabin heater to mix hot air with the cold air to adjust the temperature of the cabin.  This robs your engine of nearly five horsepower continuously because of poor engineering by the automakers.  Our climate control circuit can save you 80-90% of the fuel used to run your air conditioner normally.  The temperature is fully adjustable as well as the differential between turn on and turn off temperatures.              

The Climate Control Circuit Assembly comes completely assembled and modified, ready to install in your vehicle.

Climate Control Circuit Kit                             $50

The Climate Control Circuit Kit comes with all the components needed to assemble and modify the thermostatic circuit, plus detailed instructions for assembly and installation.  Save $50 by doing the modifications and assembly yourself.

Xcel Plus Engine Treatment                           $40           Order from www.xcelplus.com

This engine treatment was the original Slick-50 formula before the small amount of teflon was added as a marketing technique. The original formula of the early 1980's that proved so effective is now only sold as Xcel Plus.  Teflon formulas of today are cheap copies of the Slick-50 division that split off from the company that still produces the original formula that works, which is Xcel Plus. This engine treatment will decrease engine friction, reduce engine wear, increase mileage, and prolong engine life.

Amsoil Series 2000 0w30 Synthetic Oil        $50         Order from http://www.amsoil.com/ or use an off the shelf synthetic oil. 

            This synthetic oil is not made from petroleum oil as are most other so called "synthetic" oils.  The 0w30 formula is a completely different formula from the 5w30 oil even from this company.  That is why it is so expensive.  However the manufacturer is the only one who carries a 25,000 mile warrantee on their synthetic oils.  In the long run it will cost less than your petroleum oil changed at the recommended 3000 mile intervals.  The fuel savings from the use of this oil will pay for itself many times over. This oil can also be used to replace your manual transmission gear oil and your differential gear oil to drastically reduce the drag in these important parts of your drive train.  Check with most NASCAR teams to see what they use.

Electronic Control Circuit                                        $75

            This circuit assists the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to adjust the fuel injection program to optimize the installed Hydrogen-Boost system components.  Ther are four circuits to choose from, with plans for three of them in the manual that are easy to build.

Scangauge OBD-II Diagnostic and Monitoring Systems     $125

    The Scangauge plug-in monitoring system enables the owner to access diagnostic codes whenever the "check engine" light illuminates.  Also enables resetting of the "check engine" light and monitoring of numerous parameters in the ECU via the OBD-II connector of any car model since 1996.  Parameters that can be monitored include all the engine control parameters plus calculated parameters including miles per gallon, gallons per hour, gallons remaining in tank, etc.  The Scangauge makes an excellent sales tool if you are interested in profiting from your Hydrogen-Boost experience.

Factory Installation                                         $100

            This option is open to those who are willing to drive their vehicle to the home office in Queensbury (Glens Falls), New York, for installation of the Hydrogen-Boost system.  This installation will include a Pre-installation mileage test, a customized installation, and a post-installation mileage test with you present to verify the improvement in mileage. 

Complete Hydrogen-Boost System                       $695

          This package will include all of the above components and accessories available from Hydrogen Boost (excludes Climate Control Circuit, Xcel Plus, and Amsoil), plus shipping (with electronic control circuit #4).  If you would like the entire system installed as well we will even do that for you if you come to the home office in Queensbury (Glens Falls), New York.  $100 installation charge extra.  We will even train you how to use and install the system.

Hydrogen-Boost Challenge

            Open to anyone who wants to take a chance.  You decide to purchase the complete Hydrogen-Boost system with installation, at individual component prices and we will guarantee a 50% increase in gas mileage as follows:  First we do a pre-installation mileage test of your vehicle on a 40-50 mile road course, preferably with you driving.  Then we compare the test results with the EPA published mileage for your vehicle.  Taking the worse of the two as a baseline mileage, we will install the Hydrogen-Boost system and perform a witnessed post-installation mileage test over the same course or on a city course of similar length.  If after making the proper adjustments, we cannot achieve a 50% increase in mileage over the baseline mileage figures, the Hydrogen-Boost system is yours free of charge.  However if we achieve over 50% increase in mileage you agree to pay double the regular prices.

Installation and Maintenance

The Hydrogen-Boost System takes an amateur a few hours to install and most of it is only an add-on system that can be removed from your vehicle when you sell it and reinstalled on your next vehicle.  Maintenance amounts to refilling the Hydrogen Generator with water each time you fill your gas tank.  Carry a drinking water bottle in your vehicle and it only takes about the same amount of time as checking your oil.  All electrodes are high grade Stainless Steel and never need replacing.
         The fuel heating system takes about half an hour to install ( depending on accessability to your heater hoses and fuel line) and requires no maintenance.

Guarantee and Commission Offer

Our Hydrogen-Boost System package is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Hydrogen-Boost System, you may return it undamaged within 30 days for a full refund.  Unfortunately  some optional accessories will be damaged upon installation and therefore non-returnable unless they are unused, uninstalled, or undamaged, and in the original package.

Commission-Referral Policy

Any customer who purchases a Hydrogen-Boost System, either directly from the factory or from an authorized salesperson, becomes eligible for at least twenty percent sales commission/referral fee whenever they sell another Hydrogen-Boost System to another customer.  Subsequent sales produce increase commissions until wholesale pricing is met.  Ask us for our dealer/manufacturer presentation.
                      To collect the commission simply order the Hydrogen-Boost System directly from the factory at a $100 discount, and deliver it to your customer.  Or if a customer claims that they were referred to us by you and gives us your salesman authorization certificate number, we will send the $100 referral fee directly to you, upon receipt of sufficient funds and expiration of the 30 day return policy period. Sell five Hydrogen-Boost Systems and yours is more than paid for and you can enjoy a lifetime of fuel savings.

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100 mpg Personal Transport Vehicles also available from Hydrogen-Boost 



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