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September Newsletter Hydrogen-Boost

   The Optimum Fuel Heater

   This month I built and installed a new fuel heater for my Plymouth Neon and the Hyundai Excel.  I have been experimenting with a low temperature fuel heater (1/4” copper pipe wrapped around the radiator hose) and with a high temperature fuel heater (1/8” copper pipe wrapped around the exhaust pipe), and with a combination of both with a mixing valve to regulate the temperature.  I have determined that the best temperature for the fuel is the highest temperature possible without vaporization, which causes the engine to sputter and stall.  This vaporization occurs between 220 degrees and 230 degrees on the Hyundai which is the only vehicle that I had the mixed system installed on.  I had experienced vapor problems with the Neon from 210 to 230 degrees.  I have been driving the Hyundai with the mixed system so that fuel temperature was 160 to 190 degrees and had no problems. 
   I wanted to design a fuel heater system that was automatic, passive, simple and optimal.  A system that uses no electrical energy and needs no adjustment would be best.  A temperature of 180-200 degrees is desired. 


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