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July 2004 Newsletter


More Tests on Devices of Others:  Magnetizer Engine Performance Maximizer


          A few months ago I got a phone call followed a few weeks later by this email message:


I talk to you on the phone about three week ago about the Magnetizer. Have you try them yet. Well I reroute the gas return that came out from the fuel injection rail and now my car is getting at least 50 mpg before 38mpg. But that's after three week ago reroute my gas line. wholly-water.com 


Following is my response:


    I'll tell you what.  You can give me a reverse Hydrogen-Boost challenge.  My challenge is posted on my technical information page.  It goes like this:

Hydrogen-Boost Challenge

            Open to anyone who wants to take a chance.  You decide to purchase the complete Hydrogen-Boost system with installation, at individual component prices and we will guarantee a 50% increase in gas mileage as follows:  First we do a pre-installation mileage test of your vehicle on a 40-50 mile road course, preferably with you driving.  Then we compare the test results with the EPA published mileage for your vehicle.  Taking the worse of the two as a baseline mileage, we will install the Hydrogen-Boost system and perform a witnessed post-installation mileage test over the same course or on a city course of similar length.  If after making the proper adjustments, we cannot achieve a 50% increase in mileage over the baseline mileage figures, the Hydrogen-Boost system is yours free of charge.  However if we achieve over 50% increase in mileage you agree to pay double the regular prices.

    If you want me to try another magnet device I'll accept a similar challenge.  You send me one and tell me how to install it and use it.  If it gives me a 10% increase in mileage I will pay you double the regular price.  If it doesn't do anything for me I get to throw it away with all the other magnets I have tried.  I'll even write a report about it in my newsletter page.

    Considering that you claim to have achieved a 31.6% increase in mileage, this challenge should be easy for you to win.  I am only asking for 10%.

Looking forward to your response,

Fran Giroux

            I didn't get the person to back up his claims of improvement or give me the reverse challenge, but I was encouraged again by this person to try the Magnetizer Engine Performance Maximizer.  Since it had a money back guarantee, I decided to evaluate the product, and the company's integrity.  The product cost $99 and included magnetic components to be installed on the fuel line, the intake air hose, and the radiator hose.

          When I received the Magnetizer kit I installed the three sets of magnets as per the installation instructions.  Previous mileage figure for the previous three tanks full were as follows.


Miles driven           gallons used          miles per gallon   driving conditions

338                       9.8                        34.5                      city/highway mix

337                       10.1                      33.4                      city/highway mix

637                       19.2 (two tanks)     33.2                      city/highway mix

average 33.55 mpg


The next three tanks full were intentionally monitored to insure the same driving conditions.  These are the results:


Miles driven           gallons used          miles per gallon   driving conditions

354                       11.0                      32.2                      city/highway mix

312                       9.5                        32.8                      city/highway mix

362                       10.8                      33.5                      city/highway mix


average 32.85 mpg


          The Magnetizer Engine Performance Maximizer kit was sent back to the company on June 18, 2004 with a request for a refund of the purchase price.  I will report on this newsletter as soon as I get the refund.


          On June 24, 2004 I received my "refund" from Life Streams International Mfg. Co.  Following is a reprint of the letter accompanying the check.



Dear Francis,


            We are in receipt of the returned merchandise - one set of MAGNETIZER Engine Performance Maximizer.  We are sorry that they did not perform satisfactorily for you.


Enclosed is a Company refund check for the amount of $81.42 for returned item.


For a refund, merchandise must be in like new and resellable condition.  The units returned were dirty with deep depressions where straps were .  The labels were torn and gouged and have to be replaced.  The following are deducted from the total sale of $119.06


- Credit card fee deduction $3.57.

- Shipping of $10.00 is not refundable

- NYS Sales Tax $9.07

- Merchandise damage $15.00


Thank you for purchasing and trying our product!




James D. Fairgrieve, CEO


You can make your own conclusions about the "money back guarantee" of this company.  I would like to say that these rubbery plastic covered magnet assemblies don't get "dirty" as stated.  They wipe clean.  As for the "indentations," 

there is no way to install them as directed without the wire ties causing "indentations."  Also in New York, the only time you can charge sales tax is when there is no refund.  Refunded sales are not taxed.  My refund should have been at least $25 more than it was.  I would suspect that the cost of manufacturing these items is under $25 so that whenever a refunded sale is made there is no lose to the company even if the products were discarded.



Water Mist Injection


          I have spent two years testing a water mist injection system made from an ultrasonic humidifier.  I modified the nozzle so that the mist would be sucked through a 3/8" clear plastic tube into the throttle body emissions port.  Previously I routed the tubing to a spot just in front of the throttle body.  Over two years there had never been any indication that the water mist injection had any affect on the fuel mileage of my EFI equipped cars. 

          Recently I purchased a couple EGT (exhaust gas temperature) gauges and though that I would document any affects of the water mist injection on the EGT.  I filled up the ultrasonic humidifier, which I had placed on the floor of the passenger side of the front set compartment, and insured that it was producing a good amount of mist.  My EGT probe was screwed into a port right next to the #1 oxygen sensor and the monitor/gauges was visible while driving.

          At numerous speeds and throttle settings I disabled and re-enabled the water mist injection system by unplugging the electrical cord to the inverter, which supplied the power to it.  I even tested the affects at various air/fuel ratios, assuming as I had for two years that the water mist was cooling the elevated temperature of a too lean air/fuel mixture.  Of course we know now, after last month's newsletter, that a too lean mixture actually produces a cooler exhaust. 

          The results of the EGT monitoring gave the same results, regardless of the speed, throttle setting, or air/fuel ratio.  In every case there was absolutely no distinguishable difference in the exhaust gas temperature readings whenever the water mist injection system was turned on or off.  Whether or not this experiment tells us anything about water mist injection system in general, is premature to make any conclusions about.  It may be that there is not enough water mist being injected with this ultrasonic humidifier based system to make a difference. 

The next experiment I will do to further examine the affects of water injection on EGT is to run the engine at a set high rpm idle condition while spraying a water "mist" spray in front of the throttle body, with a hand spray cleanser bottle. I will report the results here as soon as the experiment is performed.



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