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                                                                                       Mr. Francis Giroux
                                                                                       Albany, N.Y. USA
Dear Fran,

We enjoyed your stay here in Switzerland, where you equipped a 1988 OPELASCONA1800 cc (218,000 km) with your Hydrogen-Boost System. Unfortunately this car did not have an oxygen sensor, which might have prevented it from the ultimate fuel saving of your system.

We were really astonished to see emission reductions for Carbon Monoxide by over 90% and Hydrocarbons by over 50% exceeding by far our very strict emission legislation.

The efficiency improvements caused by your system, when tested on a 100 km route near our facilities with slopes and winding roads, were also considerable. Our driver established a base-    line test result of 7.38 liters per 100 km (30.0 mpg). with your system installed our driver achieved test results of 4.69 titers per 100 km (50.1 mpg), and 3.60 lIters per 100 km(61.7 mpg). i.e. less than half of the original consumption, was achieved when you drove the old OPEL on a highway, incorporating the driving techniques in the Hydrogen-Boost System operator's manual.

Besides the hardware improvements, XCEL Plus engine treatment. and synthetic lube oil, your
driving technique added some of the extra mileage.  A good educational effort should be carried out across Europe by the Automobile Associations, which offer some training programs now but should incorporate some of the driving techniques published in your system's operator's manual   to the benefit of the environment and everyone’s expenses with our ever rising fuel prices.

We hope that this system will also find a lot of interest in Europe with our much higher fuel prices compared with the USA (where gasoline is sold dirt cheap indeed).

We thank you for the interesting discussions with all our mobility team members and hope we will get the officially certified measurements soon from the EMPA (Swiss Materials and  Systems Test Institute) dynamometer laboratory, including NOx, which we hope will also be reduced by your system.

We wish you good progress with the commercialization of your system and hope also that there will not be too many obstacles by service garages, who hopefully should convert thousands of cars with your system in spite of possible resistance by the automobile brand name owners and petroleum lobbies.

                   Kind regards                                           


                                                                                  Gustav R. Grab, President
                                                                                  International Clean Energy Consortium


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