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Hydrogen-Boost December 2002 Newsletter


            Not much new here on the cutting edge of technology.  My Saturn was totaled by a driver that ran a red light at 40 mph.  Nearly killed my wife.  I had just put on a $200 trailer hitch, which I didn’t get compensated for.  Over the next two weeks three more vehicles died including the 93 Saturn I bought to replace the totaled one, as well as my Geo Metro (clutch) and Hyundai Excel (timing belt).  I’m still waiting for a Powertrain Control Module for the 93 Saturn.  So this newsletter has no new testing data to share with you.






            Follow the above link and you will find the announcement of the Z-Prize competition for a $1 million prize for a total or interim solution to the pollution and energy problem.  Of course Hydrogen-Boost cannot compete with any real “free energy” or “over unity” devices that we have all heard about, if they are real. 

Nevertheless Hydrogen-Boost is enrolled in the competition and negotiations for testing are under way.  I may be making another trip like the one I made last year to Switzerland to prove the technology to Dr. Greer and his advisors and consultants for the Z-Prize competition. 

This year’s trip will be in the USA and hopefully in the Northeast.  First indications are that it may be held in or near the University of New Hampshire. 

This trip will take time away from my winter project, a flying billboard.  I am building a Moni motorglider experimental aircraft designed in the early 1980’s by John Monnett.  It will carry the Hydrogen-Boost logo and some basic information about the Hydrogen-Boost system.  That way the cost of the project will be deductible as advertising expenses.  Of course it will be equipped with a mini-Hydrogen-Boost system if I can get an engine with a charging system.  I have purchased a few 32 cu.in. government surplus engines originally used on electrical generators that I plan to mount on the Moni.  They do not have an alternating system so I may have to rig something up.

If you don’t hear from us again for a few months, you at least know what we’re up to.  Don’t be shy about contacting me personally for updates.  Be advised that my email address will soon change as I am going to a new Internet service provider.  Check the www.hydrogen-boost.com web site for future email address.

Until next time, happy motoring and God bless.


Fran Giroux


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