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August 2002 Newsletter


          I don’t have much to report on this month because I have been busy on other projects but I do have one small item.  As you know my main test vehicle for the last six months has been my 1996 Saturn SL1, with which I have achieved 43.5 mpg around town and as high as 61.4 mpg on the highway at 55 mph.  Remember that the EPA figures for this vehicle are 29 city and 40 highway.


          A few times I have wondered how much the hydrogen was actually contributing to this mileage gain and how much was due to the other friction reducing components and driving techniques.  On a couple occasions I neglected to fill the hydrogen generator with water and noticed the fuel gauge dropping faster than normal so I decided to do a formal test.  For three tanks full of fuel, two tanks on one occasion and one on another occasion I disconnected the wire to the hydrogen generator and drove the normal around town driving.  The results were consistently lower than with hydrogen.  My average for the three trips without hydrogen was 36.86 miles per gallon or 15.3% lose of mileage.  If calculated based on the city mileage without hydrogen, adding the hydrogen caused a 18% increase. 


          Considering that the 36.86 mpg is a 27% increase over the EPA city mileage figures, you can see that even without hydrogen injection a considerable increase in mileage can be achieved with the other components and slight changes in driving habits.  Of course if you want the best improvement use the whole system and get the same 50% increase (43.5 vs. 29 mpg) that I achieve consistently.


          Hopefully next week I may have more to report to you.  Until then, happy driving.


Fran Giroux

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