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February 2006 Newsletter


Hybrid Complaints


          Many hybrid car owners are complaining, for good reason, about poor gas mileage.  According to the complaints at http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20051014/0136235_F.shtml the only way to get close to the advertised EPA mileage figures is to incorporate driving techniques, which most drivers are unwilling to do. 

          The main reason we at Hydrogen Boost have quit talking about the easily attainable 50% increase in mileage when implementing the entire system including driving tips, is because most people just refuse to incorporate the techniques into their habits.

          Well if hybrids can’t get their advertised mileage without driving techniques, why are people spending $4000 to $10,000 more for a vehicle that is supposed to get better mileage, but doesn’t achieve what is advertised?  Even the average increase in advertised mileage of a hybrid over a base model that is not hybrid, is only 15% (see http://www.hydrogen-boost.com/June%202005.html for details).

          Hydrogen Boost has been consistent in achieving a 15-25% increase in mileage even without driving techniques.  Once again it is obvious that the $750 price of a Hydrogen Boost complete system is much more cost effective than purchasing a hybrid vehicle.



EU Certification Goal Nixed


          Last month I reported that our Austrian dealer was seeking European Union government approval for the Hydrogen Boost system from University and government agency testing facilities.  I am disappointed to report that these tests have not been done and that they are not scheduled to be done.  The following emailed letter from our Austria dealer explains why.  Please forgive any lack of eloquence in the English language by our German speaking Austrian dealer.



Dear Fran,


There are some bad news for me and so sorry, for you too.


As you know, I have visited a special orthopaedist doc some time after your departure due to my existing hip problem. The result is, I have spend now some days in a hospital for some final medical examination; I need an artificial hip and may be, I need it on both hips.

I believe I am out of service for a unknown time and this fact will handicap later on all in all my business effectiveness enormous.


And there is a second bad news:


Since I have now effective knowledge of my hip illness, I tried to expedite the EU approval process and so I have shown this specific cars, where you have built in your hydrogen booster system, in an unofficial, only informative showing and speaking to the gentleman at the technical university in Vienna. The result was also bad and shattering.


At a official statement at an official approach, they ONLY will confirm the better mileage per gallon ratio, resulting by the hydrogen electrolyser himself and never for your whole 4 point hydrogen booster system. And as we know both, the degree of effectiveness of your electrolyser ONLY to minimize the fuel consumption is something in between 10 to 13% of the total fuel consumption and at a diesel engine it is weaker.


They have told me, it is like to take the piss only to request any EU approval for:


a.) the reduction of the air pressure in the tires and

b.) the warming up of the fuel before consumption and

c.) for the use, to the checker unknown chemical composition, oil and/or gas additives. You have told me, the from you used chemical composition is a secret and I respect this. They would like to find it out?1


Of course this checking scientists from the university know that warm fuel have a greater field of activity but they never will give therefore any EU approval. One of the reason therefore is, so they told me, in warmer European climate esp. the gasoline will to much vaporise and this vaporised gas could be, in there mind, dangerous. I am not a scientists, I can not check it, is it true or not, but I believe it is true, it makes sense to me.


May be, you are wondering that I has told same the full truth, I have thought it is necessary because in later times I could await that one or an other AAA club or a gas company would like, to pick to pieces your system.


And in my personal mind, this only from technical university agreed 10 to 13 % less of gasoline fuel consumption is too less for a real good sales approach in Europe esp. it is not real easy for everybody to install your system in a car. As I have seen it, due to install your system only in one brand (Ford Fiesta), you need some special skills and it is not so easy like to install a car radio or something else. For example, Mr. Tschirk of Bad Voeslau had also problems with the installation and he knows the matter, compared with others, very well and he is a professional  electrician too.


The ration between payment for your equipment plus the payment for the installation of your equipment on the one hand and the money return in the form of smaller gas bills, on the other hand, is today in my mind, too small. For most of the people it doesn't count. For some freaks it will be o.k., but I will sale it to real everybody in Europe and not only to some freaks.


I know, I have spend and loose some money and a lot of time too, due to get this finding but at the end it is better for me (and so I will recommend it for you too) to stop the approach to get EU approval esp. for this system. May be some time you can bring a better system with a better efficiency to the market and for this other new, so I hope than better system, I still need my reasonable contacts and the goodwill to get an official EU allowance.


I hope you can understand my decision to stop the project now in direction to get the needed EU approval.


What I will recommend to you too is, please stop worldwide the sale of your system under your brand name "hydrogen booster" . Everybody resumes NOT that your system is consisting in total 4 points and that only ONE point is the electrolyser, so sorry, you remember, it was nearby the same what the Bulgarian gentleman, and so I have learned in between, in former time the Swiss guys, independent to me, told to you too?!


I hope you agree, that I try to sale as one of your dealers, some of your hydrogen booster systems to known European freaks in the direction to minimize my till today done payments and expenses.

I can understand that your wife insists that you don't spend any money again on airfare or hotels. But mostly for a game that your wife like to play, it need minimum two persons. It is great for you that Nicola and/or others will follow your wife's suggestion - I will not.

But never the less it is always a pleasure for me to meet you and your wife in Austria again, but only on your own expenses.

Fran, nevertheless in my mind you are a great inventor and I wish you for the future every success and remain with my best regards and all my respect for your invitation.


Best regards



Fran’s Comments

          This situation exhibits the typical reason we don’t have independent laboratory test results reported on our web site.  I am so fed up with people and agencies who expect to see advertised mileage gains but refuse to test the complete Hydrogen Boost system, even though it is sold all together as a complete system.  As I have published before, there are close to a dozen companies in North America selling hydrogen generators only, and claiming absurd amount of mileage gains.  But I will repeat what I have been saying for over five years; injection of on-board electrolyzer gases alone will not, can not, and should not cause considerable gains in mileage.  The complete Hydrogen Boost system has, does, and will cause considerable mileage gains.

          As for government approval for Hydrogen Boost, I have never seen any need in a free society, to seek approval from some bureaucrats, to sell a system that has to prove itself to every customer to prevent a money back return.  As for the socialist societies of Europe, if my dealers find it advantageous to seek approval from the even more bureaucratic and reportedly crooked governments of their continent, then that is up to them.

          As for Fred, please pray for his hip replacement and rehabilitation over the next year or two.  He has been a great friend of Hydrogen Boost and I wish him a speedy recovery.  I pray that during this time of testing in his life that he may seek and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


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