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1 survival stash, growing squash, garden history tour


2 squash and root crops, garden history tour

3 squash napa daikon coleslaw, stir fry, pie

4 squash pie, milk shake, seeds, stir fry

5 dehydrated veggies

6 pie dough, pies

7 pies, seeds, dried veggies

8 garden, soup by Ann

9 gardens, greens, brassica

10 pickles, stir fry w/o meat

11“baked beans squash”, funnel cakes, stir fry

12 cakes w/ squash, daikon, rutabagas, oatmeal

13 Final exam recipes

14 French Fries from seven roots

15 making soy milk and yogurt

16 turkey carcass, French fries

17 soy brownies and rutabaga/squash coleslaw

18 caramelized fruit, brownies, garden tour

19 December harvest, stir fry

20 turkey pot pie

21 rutabaga squash cake, turkey pot pie done

22 building tin can rocket stove

23 cooking on rocket stove, garden harvest

24 testing seeds in December indoors

25 garden work Dec 11, radish pie

26Sumac aid Sumac tea

27 Rutabaga storage, stir fry, seed test check


28 Beans and Rice, Wheatgrass

29 Carnival Squash soup, dip, and sticks

30 Winter Garden Harvest, stir fry, salad, pies


31 Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kohlrabi, peels

32 Meat pie, Rutabaga pie with apple, beets, squash

33  Kilpatrick Family Farm visit


34  Gardening, cultivating, compost, planting

 35 Planting asparagus, potatoes, radishes, lettuce

36 Planting kohlrabi, peas, carrot, onion, fennel, water

37 Planting parsnips, cabbage

38 Planting Pecan trees from pecans, cooking parsnips

39 Pre-planting, compost, watering garden

40 Compost bin, Squash pits

41 Hand drilling water well, planting grapes, berries

42 Planting strawberries, checking crops

43 Checking plants, well, water pump, cook Artichoke

44 Planting big strawberries, building greenhouse shed

45 Rhubarb tart, crisp, and dehydrated

46 Harvest Rutabagas, weeds, transplant, add compost

47Strawberry runners, 1st radish, Stevia plants, seeds

48 Planting corn among radishes, peanuts, composting

49 Peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, rutabaga fill w/o sugar

50 Common Sense Farm, pumpkin/daikon pie no sugar

51 Radish pie, organic fertilizing, harvesting garlic

52  Spring veggie stir fry, garden tour, veggie fries

53 Transplanting strawberry runners, harvesting seeds

54  Pruning strawberries, garden tour, cabbage worm moth

55 Giant Beet slaw, cake, fries, stir fry, veggie sticks, pie


56 Building Hoop House

57 Building and planting in Hoop House

58  Transplanting in hoop house, winterizing hoop house

59  Opening hoop house, harvesting peanuts, surveying garden

60  Closing hoop house, harvesting rutabagas, root cellars

61  Fertilizing, winterizing hoop house, strawberries, and garlic


62  Harvesting and planting in winter, insulating hoop house


63  Jan, Feb. Hoop House improvements and methods


64 Atole, cooking Peach Squash corn/soy pulp Cake


65 Past garden, Present garden, and Future Garden plans

66  Winter hoop house planting, kale chips, spring seedlings

67 Community Garden prep and spring hoop house


68 Community Garden prep and spring planting


69   Clean out creek, till plots, spring planting

70  Lesson on clay vs. sandy soil, spring planting on clay

71  Planting and drainage on clay garden

72  Drainage, transplanting strawberries

73 Drainage, Solar panel, Fertilizing w/ compost tea

74  Brewed compost tea, replanting, fertilizing, weeding, SAP test

75 Fertilizer “factory,” cooking sugar beet spaghetti, onions, garlic


76  Weeding, Fertilizing, French Fried Sugar Beets

77  Onion, garlic, potato, beet harvest, Brix refractometer

78    Flood drainage, pickled beets, potato harvest, planting kohlrabi


79  Cleaning algae from creek, fertilizing, watering, weeding

80  Pickling relish, visiting three community gardens

81        Making molasses from corn stalks

82        Building metal hoop shed

83 Dealing with drought

84  Harvesting squash, harvesting sorghum

85 transplanting rutabagas, harvesting popcorn

86 Testing and Building Quadraponics growing system

87 Completing Quadraponic system, vegetarian fish food, feeding fish

88 Sustainable living tour, off grid living simply without going without

89 Sustainable Living tour, applicable to emergency and survival living

90 Harvesting and transplanting in Quadraponics system

91 Harvesting sweet and grain sorghum

92 Underwater fish video, greenhouses, visit to German couple’s gardens

  93 Greenhouse delivered, backhoe, Hoop house braced, Fish tank insulated



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